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In the site settings menu you will find options to add a custom logo, title or description.
If you want to add a logo somewhere  else, you won’t find any option to allow you to do that.

All you have to do is to edit the master page and add a custom code that will include a new table column with a logo, description and a link.

How to do that ?

  • upload a logo in the Site Assets library and copy the link;
  • go to Site Actions – Site Settings – Master Pages and download a copy of v4.master;
  • use a browser that has Developer Tools or Firebug (for this example I used Chrome with Developer Tools)

I will add a logo on the right side of the social tags.

  • right click on that area – Inspect Element.

Inspect Element

In the Developer Tools panel we see that the class  of the social tags area is <td>

Developer panel

Open the v4.master with a text editor (I propose Notepad++) and locate s4-socialdata-notif.

Add the following code:

<td><a title=”ITSpark – Your IT Adventure !” href=”” target=”_blank”><img style=”border:none” src=”” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”46″ /></a>


Save the file and then uploaded in the Master Pages site.
Now, return to the home page and you will see the logo. 

Team Site

If you want to add a logo above the ribbon, locate the ID s4-workspace

The code will like this:

<div id=”s4-workspace”>
<div id=”s4-bodyContainer”>
<div id=”s4-titlerow”>
<img src=”” width=”1280″ height=”116″ />
<table cellspacing=”0″>

The bold line represents the extra line that will add a image in the background.

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